The Eros Club originates from a group of young South Australians who were traveling to Europe back in the ’30s. The adventurers, who hadn’t been to London before, had heard about the statue in Piccadilly and agreed to find each other there. Hard to imagine now, but back in the dim and distant days before FourSquare, Twitter, mobile phones and sat-navs, arranging a place to meet in a certain place at a certain time was the only way to go.

The first erotics, 1935

The first ‘Erotics’ meeting at the Eros state in 1935

It was during this first meet-up that the group decided to form a Club and to make the meetings annual and that anyone at Eros at noon on the 1st October would automatically become a member.

Nowadays at the increasingly popular event people headed to the Eros statue on the first day of October can number up to 240.

“The Eros Club annual gathering on 1st October in London and Adelaide is a celebration for everyone from South Australia, through the sharing of adventures and friendship,” said Michael Eustice, The Eros Club Secretary. “Becoming an Erotic is free to all South Australians who are invited to join in the fun of this long and great tradition. In London we’ll be meeting just before noon on the 1st October before heading to a nearby venue to celebrate our wonderful home. Please get in touch as places are limited and available on a first come, first served basis,” Eustice added.

If you’d like to find out more about the event and where the Erotics head to for refreshments afterwards for the afterparty organised by the Agent General for South Australia, contact