Democratic MP Kim Sun-dong went on the offensive, activating a tear gas canister, in an attempt to halt a controversial trade bill with the US.

South Korea’s Grand National Party had agreed to the deal, which will increase trading between the two countries, though critics believe it will not be in South Korea’s best interests.

Opposition politicians filled parliament attempting to prevent the deal, as Sun-dong set off the tear gas capsule.

Politicians spluttered after the attack, shielding their eyes from the chemical weapon. Kim Sun-dong was forcibly removed by security guards, shouting: “Let me go, bastards. No FTA [Free Trade Agreement].” He then faced a surging crowd of onlookers and press outside of court as he was taken away.

After the parliament floor had been cleared the deal was eventually passed after a vote of 151 to 7.

The trade deal is the biggest of its kind between the two nations over the last 17 years and is expected to boost South Korean exports dramatically.