Visitors to the Restroom Cultural Park in the southern city of Suwon are treated to a toilet-themed art gallery and have the opportunity to learn facts about human poo.

The bizarre theme park was built in memory of the city’s former mayor, Sim Jae-Duck, affectionately known as Mr Toilet. No, he is no relation to Duck, the brand of toilet cleaner.

It was commonly known that Mr Jae-Duck had a passion for toilets and spent his life campaigning for better toilets in South Korea.

He was reportedly born in his grandmother’s loo and even built a toilet-shaped house to live in, which has since been turned into a museum in the theme park.

The park’s Lee Youn Souk said the importance of the toilet should not be underestimated.

“We just focus on eating everyday, we sometimes overlook the importance of the toilet,” she said.

“We already know upon waking up in the morning we should go to the toilet but people don’t want to talk about this.

“‘[They are] so important for health, sanitation and water conservation.”