“The campaign has been well-accepted in Brunete,”  a council spokesperson told The Local.

The council recruited 20 volunteers to man the streets. If they saw a dog walker failing to clear up dog mess, they would engage them in conversation and ask about the dog’s name and its pedigree.

With that information, they would be able to track down the owner’s address from a registered pet database at the town hall.

The poop was then packaged and posted to the owner along with a note and a fine.

The idea was trialed after the 10,000 residents in the small town on the outskirts of Madrid were continually faced with unpleasant dog mess.

Run voluntarily by advertising agency McCann, the campaign has proved popular on social media. Spanish residents have been tweeting pictures of dog poo with the hashtag #Cacaexpress asking for the scheme to come to their town.  

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Video via YouTube/Europa Press 

Another awareness campaign in the town involved remote-controlled plastic poos following people around. Yes, that actually happened. Check out the video below…