Friday the 22nd of July sees the King George Weekend race day theme, and we will no doubt see the fallout from the festivities.

Each year, we see the photos emerging of the outfits and antics of the racecourse revellers, and we get to see others enjoying themselves at the event. 

But what is it like to be there? 

Chestertons have created some images to show how much people really do enjoy themselves at the Royal Ascot! And the figures for how much alcohol and food consumed is quite surprising!

For example:

  • 51,000 bottles of champagne are popped on average each year at Royal Ascot
  • 2,900 lobsters are devoured on average each year at Royal Ascot
  • 50,00 macaroons are nibbled upon, on average each year at Royal Ascot 
  • Approximately 400 helicopters and 1,000 limos descend on Royal Ascot each year
  • 1,000kg of Cornish clotted cream are demolished each year at Royal Ascot
  • 5,000 kilos of salmon are enjoyed each year at Royal Ascot

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