Make no mistake: sports massages aren’t for the faint hearted. Loved, as the name suggests, by athletes – during the London 2012 Olympics, sports massage accounted for 36 per cent of treatment provided to athletes, second only to physiotherapy – a sports massage is anything but pampering.

For while Swedish and Aromatherapy massages are all about long, light strokes, candles and new age music, a sports massage involves a therapist identifying your painful areas  – and then pummelling the hell out of them.

Initially the idea of lying face down under a sheet atop a massage table waiting for my muscles to be poked and kneaded into submission didn’t thrill me.  However by the beginning of November I had grown tired of friends and family screaming “shoulders down!” – a consequence of spending 10 hours a day hunched over a laptop –  at me on a daily basis, and of waking up every morning with an agonising crick in my neck. So muttering the mantra “no pain, no gain”, my office-weary body made it’s way to Wigmore Street in the hope that a sports massage at Nova Therapy would ease my muscular tension.

And having tried the treatment, I can testify that it is pure magic for the muscles. My therapist (tip: ask for Kremy or Tedy) rubbed, pressed, squeezed and worked her way around my body as though with the claws of a satisfied cat, using her arms and knuckles to knead out the knots.  While my whole body needed work, it was my neck, shoulders and upper back that were brutally tight – a consequence of all that typing – and subsequently required the most attention. It was while my upper body was being worked on that I experienced a succession of clicks – the sound of my joints being moved back into their rightful place.

While this might not sound in the slightest bit relaxing, surprisingly – when you factor in the enticing concoction of essential oils and the sound of soft ocean music playing from the corner of the room – it actually is. It’s painful, but in a good way and there were several stages when – despite the fact that my body’s tissue was being deeply penetrated – I actually found myself drifting away…

£60 for an hour of hurt might sound like madness but in my mind, it’s money well spent if it puts a spring back in your step ahead of the party season. I emerged slightly sore, sure, but with a straight back and improved posture, convinced that regular sports massages are the way forward.

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