It’s either a sleek, astute portrayal of today’s teens or an immature pile of gibberish.

We meet Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), Cotty (Korine’s sister Rachel) and religious Faith (Selena Gomez) – and their crotches – as their dorm empties for spring break. They’re not going anywhere, though, ‘cos they haven’t got the cash.

Three of them decide the only way to get their party on is to rob a diner with a squirt gun and hammers. “Pretend it’s a video game,” one says. Oh, these kids are so affected by pop culture aren’t they?

Cash secured, they inform Faith, who’s not totally impressed, but not miffed enough to turn down the sun and sand in Miami. Or call the cops.

So begins what’s either the most nonsensical rap music video of all time or an artist’s vision of the debauchery, booties, buff bods, tits and other great stuff that comes when Central Casting loads up a beach for a deluxe Girls Gone Wild episode.

Korine either credits his audience’s intelligence enough to not bother with details of characters or explain the plot, or there’s no plot so why bother with the characters.

Party scenes follow, lots of them, including one awfully unresolved possible rape scene, until the girls get arrested for doing drugs.

They are then bailed out by James Franco’s gun- and drug-loving rapper Alien, who takes the girls under his wing, delivers the best or freakiest Britney Spears cover of all time and has a pool threesome that’s either titillating or makes you feel like a paedo (Hudgens is in it).

%TNT Magazine% stars 1

Good for: If you like music videos, unexplained violence and High School Musical nipple.

: James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez | 18 | 94mins | Out April 5