The appeal will be based on the use of the secret police surveillance footage taken of the gang, showing their use of racist language and implied violence as they brandished knives.

David Norris’s solicitors have sent papers to the Court of Appeal which outline his intentions to appeal against the sentencing.

“He’ll be lodging an appeal against his conviction on the grounds that he didn’t have a fair trial, mainly due to the reliance placed on the Footscray footage.” Greg Stewart, solicitor for David Norris told News Shopper.

Dobson and Norris have been jailed for life and were sentence to 15 years and two months and 14 years and three months respectively.

Black teenager Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death in 1993 by a racist gang if white youths at a bus stop in Eltham, southeast London.

Following the verdict earlier this month Scotland Yard commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said “the other people involved in the murder of Stephen Lawrence should not rest easily in their beds.”