Coogan has settled for a reported £40,000 after accusing the paper of phone hacking, and football starPaul Gascoigne has received £68,000 damages plus costs too. 

It is thought that sometime-Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty, shamed MP Simon Hughes, jockey Kieren Fallon, former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell and the late George Best’s agent Phil Hughes are also settling, as is a mother of a 7/7 bombing victim. 

Church though has stood her ground and she and her family, in a move of steadfast and unwavering dedication, have decided she will not settle and is requesting an adjournement. 

Campbell has said in a statement of his decision to settle: 

“This is not, and never has been, about the money… this has been about people with a voice and a platform using them to change the media culture which, as I argued at the Leveson Inquiry, has become putrid in parts…

“Where this all leads is anyone’s guess. But the debate has to be kept alive and at the front of the public mind once Leveson concludes.

“There are already signs that the Tory ministers in particular are not keen on going along with major reform of the regulatory system if that is what the Inquiry recommends. They prefer the remarkable level of media support they currently enjoy to acting in the national interest to improve the level of debate, and the standards of the media.”

The inquiry continues. 

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