Legendary Hollywood director Steven Spielberg was found himself in choppy water after breaking Italy's speedboat laws.

He was fined £150 for taking his speedboat too close to a beach and annoying holidaymakers in La Maddalena.

The showboating mogul, 64, was with Gwyneth Paltrow when the incident happened after he took the boat from his £220million yacht Seven Seas.

Sunbathers angry at the noise in northern Sardinia called cops and coastguards.

Coastguard Vincenzo Petrella said: "A bearded man was signing autographs on the beach.

"I recognised him instantly. He said, 'I'm Steven Spielberg. How can I help?' I said I had to fine him. He was very apologetic.

He continued: "For using his engine within 300 metres of the coast, instead of rowing in, Spielberg received a €172 fine. But he clearly didn't know he had broken the rules and was a real gentleman about it. The fine was paid promptly the following morning."