After a day and night of rain, Victoria is bracing for heavier downpours and strong winds on Saturday night.

The State Emergency Service (SES) has received 184 calls across the Victoria since midnight on Friday, with 137 of those calls in the metropolitan area.

Most of those calls have related to trees falling down, an SES spokesman said.

About 50mm of rain was received in metropolitan areas last night, while 100mm fell in Gippsland, an SES spokesman said.

“Melbourne will receive similar rainfall to last night, but with stronger winds,” he said.

“We really ask people to not park their cars under trees.”

Gippsland, in south-east Victoria, is expected to feel the full force of the storm, with the worst to come late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

A flood watch has been issued for West and South Gippsland, South Gippsland Basin and East Gippsland Catchments.

The spokesman said people in flood-prone areas should activate their flood plans, and if they don’t have a plan, to contact the SES.