Student protestors are expected to bring “direct action” to central London this week ahead of the Commons vote on tuition fees on Thursday.

Protests are planned all over the capital on Wednesday and Thursday with an emphasis on direct action which could include workplaces being disrupted and universities occupied as demonstrators seek to “maximise impact”.

The Met have warned that violent youths could use the demonstrations as an excuse to cause trouble.

“We have seen groups of youths descending on the last few student protests as the day progresses, purely with the aim of using the event as a venue for violence and to attack police,” Commander Bob Broadhurst, head of the Met’s public order branch said.”It has been obvious that these particular elements are not genuine protesters.”They have no intention of protesting about cuts to tuition fees or any other issue. They have turned up purely to take part in violence and disorder.”

Last month protests held in the capital against the tuition proposals descended into violent clashes between students and police.

Students are protesting against the government’s controversial proposals to let universities to charge up to £9000 a year for tuition.

Some Government MPs, including Ilford North’s Lee Scott and former Tory leadership candidate, David Davis will not support the fee rise in Thursday’s vote.