Abbotsleigh student Sarah Hui Xin Wong’s mother Eileen complained to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal that the Board of Studies didn’t provide Sarah with adequate special provisions during her exams.

Sarah Wong, 21, received some rest breaks during the exam because she has hyper joint mobility of the wrist.

Her result, a university entrance score, meant she beat 99.95 per cent of other students – but she believed she would have received the top mark if treated fairly.

The family is outraged she didn’t receive further special treatment including access to a computer and extra rest time during exams. They claimed she would have closed the .5% gap.  

Miss Wong told The Telegraph she accepted her result was good for a “normal person” but believed her disability had not properly been taken into account.

She said she lost vital marks towards the end of her exam papers because her hand was cramping and her writing became illegible.

Despite her disappointment over a tenth of a percentage point, her high marks still won her fifth in the state in chemistry and a place in a medicine degree at Sydney University.

Bloggers on the study discussion website Bored of Studies called Eileen Wong a Tiger Mother, someone with very fierce expectations of their children.

Maybe it’s time to leave the high school drama behind.

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