The patriotically painted singer, who was raised in Queensland, was recently chosen to act as the Gold Coast’s Goodwill Ambassador, travelling to India to promote Aussie tourism. The photo was taken on the beach in Surfer’s Paradise.

However, her decidedly liberal and altogether near naked laid-back Australian approach has upset some conservative Indians.

Neeraj Narayan of the Queensland India Association said “…more than 60 per cent of India was still conservative and Saagar’s partial nudity would reflect badly on Gold Coast’s image…They may not see the appeal in coming to Australia if that’s the image she is promoting”

Discussing the new tourism and business campaign, Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate, who was born in Laos but has lived in Australia since 1971, said “The Indian market is down on the list, as low as 4 per cent and that’s how we started with the Chinese market. With the Indian population and wealth, we want to bring them here to enjoy our lifestyle, then they’ll see what a good place it is to invest.”

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