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US Navy Commander Michael Ward II allegedly started a relationship with a 23-year-old woman from Chesapeake, Virginia, after meeting her on a dating website.

Ward, 43, who is married with children, told the woman he worked on ‘special ops’. The two maintained email contact and she later fell pregnant.

“I want everyone to know the truth about Michael. He does not need to be commanding a submarine. He’s a deceitful man,” the woman told The Age.

She claims that Ward sent her emails using the name Tony Moore, explaining that using his own name would be impossible owing to his ‘special ops’ work.

On July 6 she then received an email from a person called Bob, who claimed to work with Ward, informing her of Ward’s death.

“He asked me to contact you if this ever happened. Sorry to tell you that he is gone. We tried everything we could to save him. I cannot say more. I am sorry it has to be this way,” read the email.

The woman travelled to Ward’s home to pay her respects with members of her family, where she was told he have moved in order to take command of a submarine.

Ward has since been relieved of his duties.

“Our Navy has a very clear and unambiguous standard regarding the character of our commanding officers, spelled out in the Charge of Command. I reviewed this Charge with Commander Ward before he assumed command. He understood the Navy’s high standards for command leadership and he failed to uphold them,” said Captain Vernon Parks in a Navy statement.

After finding out Ward was alive, his lover claims she was hospitalised and has since sadly lost their baby.

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