Sandwich chain Subway now has more restaurants than its fast-food competitor McDonald’s.

According to Subway’s spokesperson Les Winograd, the Sandwichgroup now has restaurants in 33,749 locations around the world, compared to McDonald’s 32,737.

Already back in 2002, Subway had more restaurants in the US compared to McDonald’s but now Subway has also globally surpassed the hamburger giant.

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Tony Pace, chief marketing officer of Subway’s franchisee organisation, confirmed the success of the company, saying it had being doing well over the last few years.

“We’ve been on a great run,” he said.

Subway focuses on smaller restaurants that are less costly to run than bigger outlets, which is said to be part of their profitable business model.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has responded to the news of loosing out on the fast-food top-spot saying that they are committed to their customers and their needs, not just expanding the business.

“We remain focused on listening to and serving our customers, and are committed to being better, not just bigger,” McDonald’s representative Heidi Barker told the Daily Mail.

But McDonald’s is still the market leader in terms of profit.

Last year, McDonald’s revenue was £14.85bn compared to Subway’s £9.2bn.

So which kind of fast-food do you prefer? It’s Macca’s v The Sub.