Zambia in 2-3 days

Zambia in less than a week will be rather difficult to do, but if you must, decide which one of the main attractions you would like to see and stick with it. Visiting the Victoria Falls can be incorporated with a visit to the town of Livingstone and with a day or two extra in the Nkanga River Conservation Area because of its close proximity.

An alternative detour is Chete Island in Lake Kariba. This bird sanctuary with elephant, leopard, antelope, hippos and crocodiles is only 4 hours drive from Livingstone and well worth adding an extra day to your trip.

In one week +

Start your visit with a bang at the Victoria Falls incorporating Livingstone and work your way east and down the Zambezi River to Lake Kariba for a proper houseboat experience.

Just as soon as you have had enough of the moonlit evenings, gin & tonic, wildlife and tiger-fishing on the lake, travel north to the hustle and bustle of Lusaka and experience the contrast between the real Africa and the developing Africa.

Then, after a few days, make your way east and back to real nature in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Longer stay

Still have time and money? Travel northeast and take your pick of three great national parks: South Luangwa, Norht Luangwa or Lukusuzi.