Not only that, but the summer of 2012, as well as going down as the year of the Jubilee and the Olympics, has also been the second wettest summer in the UK since records began, according to the Met office. 

According to records, 366.8mm of rain fell during the months of June, July and August which make up the office summer period. In 1912, 384.4mm were recorded, marginally more. 

More than this though, June was the absolute wettest since records were started in 1910. 

According to those in the know, though, the reason for this washout summer has been that a jet stream that usually hits across Scotland and northern parts of England hit the UK much further south this year. 

For the optimistic out there, there is the chance of salvaging something of an Indian summer – last year the UK enjoyed a heat wave that hit in the end of September and ran through in to early October. Fingers crossed!

Photo: Getty.