With the 2015 Christmas shopping season now in full swing, Worldstores.co.uk took to the streets yesterday to support fatigued shoppers by creating a pop up lounge area on the Oxford Street pavements. Flagging shoppers were invited onto the sofas to take the weight off, and to recharge for the rest of their shopping trip.

Following the spending surge seen on Black Friday, shoppers are expected to flock to the pavements of Europe’s busiest shopping street – a place notably lacking in comfy areas to recline and recharge.

At over a mile long and with over 300 shops, Worldstores positioned the street sofas two thirds of the way along Oxford Street to help anyone with a bad case of ‘shopping ‘til they drop’. 

In addition to a comfy sofa to relax in, shoppers were also treated to a warming cup of tea, and a cupcake to give them the energy to carry on with their shopping.

Jonathan Bird, Head of PR at Worldstores commented: “Braving Oxford Street is a task worthy of a medal – with the crowds, buses, taxis and rickshaw bikes, and not to mention the hundreds of shops to browse, it can be utterly exhausting.

I’ve often wished my sofa or bed would just fly in and scoop me up, so we wondered if we could provide the next best thing – enter our street sofas!”

Worldstores is looking to surprise shoppers in other key shopping locations across the country following this initial launch, so watch this space (or, rather street).