Whilst salary has remained one of the top priorities for most in employment, a survey conducted by Free Office Finder found that many millennial employees find office environment more important. The findings showed that office environment was prioritised by millennials the most out of all the generations in the survey. 

Employee benefits packages and a high-paying salaries are two of the main qualities that have always attracted to jobs. However, this new survey has revealed that millennials (aged between 23 and 38) are more attracted by a great working environment; e.g. open plan, nice natural light, and aesthetic interior design. The millennial generation have been found to like work environments that attempt to improve their mental health and wellbeing whilst improving productivity.  

Within Free Office Finder’s survey, more than 1,500 employees that work in offices took part. Of these 1,500 + employees, all were in the age bracket of 18 to 65, and the majority focused their important on salary. This however was not the case for millennials in the survey, with 33% putting office environment as their main focus. Below is the findings from Free Office Finder’s survey:  

Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Z

  • Salary – 28%
  • Location – 25%
  • Benefits – 19%
  • Flexible working – 15%
  • Office environment – 13% 


  • Office environment – 33%
  • Salary – 24%
  • Location – 23%
  • Flexible working – 11%
  • Benefits – 9%

Founder of Free Office Finder Nick Riesel has commented on these results, stating that: 

“Millennials are put down a lot in the press for what may seem like outlandish demands to others, but is there anything wrong with demanding that employers provide their staff with a nice office when this can be a win, win for employers and employees alike. Some of the demands, which may or may not be exaggerated such as games rooms, safe spaces, gourmet kitchens and Instagramable spaces are a bit far-fetched, but with companies such as Google & Red Bull creating quirky offices which cost millions to put together anything is possible no matter what your budget, you just need the imagination.” 

Riesel further commented that: “You can, however, create a great working environment for your employees without too much extra cost. Companies can look at offices which are close to transport links and amenities, have light and airy spaces, look at adding standing desks or flexible hot desks for their staff or add comfortable break rooms and kitchens to their existing spaces.” 

What these results go to show is that what employees want from their jobs can differ drastically from generation to generation. Millennials in particular appear to prioritize their environment, and the benefits this can bring to mental health and wellbeing, more than Baby Boomer as well as Generation X and Z.