The actress and liberal anti-war activist alleges she was denied security clearance to the White House and has discovered her phone was bugged through two Freedom of Information Act requests.

Speaking during a Q and A session at the Tribeca Film Festival, she said: “We know we’re under surveillance. I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don’t know why. Do you know why?”

Although Susan claims she has no idea why she is under surveillance by the US government, her outspoken campaigning against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and her activism in political campaigns since the 1980s could be responsible.

Ten years ago in 2002, she joined the rally in Washington D.C. against the invasion of Iraq.

She said: “Let us resist this war. Let us hate war in all its forms, whether the weapon used is a missile or an airplane.”

She also appealed to former President George W. Bush to “get real” about Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, claiming he was not a legitimate threat to America.

She said: “The people of America do not want a war on spec. Americans do not want to risk their children or the children of Iraq.

“Get with it. Get off your horse and let’s get real about this.

“There’s going to be huge loss of life on the part of the Iraqis. And there’s ways to do it. Even the neighbours don’t see him as an imminent threat, and we shouldn’t either.”

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