The research, conducted by an online blinds company, evaluated a total of 175 different statistics about the top 25 most populated UK cities in order to find the most attractive locations.

All of the destinations which made it into the top five benefit from coastal views, apart from Bristol and Derby. However Bristol is home to a beautiful 70-acre harbour and the River Avon, which stretches through the centre of the metropolitan city while Derby sits on the edge of the Peak District. 

The levels of rainfall and sunshine for each of the cities were also taken into account. Of the five most beautiful areas, Swansea averaged 999mm of rain and 1,552 hours of sunshine per year. Plymouth saw 1,007mm of rain and 1,730 hours of sunshine, Derby witnessed 709mm of rain and 1,440 hours of sunshine, Bristol had 802mm of rain and 1,627 hours of sunshine and Brighton suffered from 722mm of rain but enjoyed 1,888 hours of sunshine each year.

Next, researchers assessed the open spaces and wide, natural views within each location, by considering the number of public parks per 10,000 residents and unattractive high-rise buildings. Derby came out on top with 12 parks, followed by Bristol with 9.3 parks, Swansea with 4.4 parks, Plymouth with 6.3 parks and Brighton with 2.4 parks. Derby also ranked first for having the fewest unattractive high-rise buildings (4), followed by Swansea (12), Plymouth (14), Brighton (19) and Bristol (63).

The number of National Trust sites in each city was also tallied up, with the top five ranking as follows Bristol (7), Swansea and Brighton (5 each), Derby (4) and Plymouth (2).