The Swedes they to eat and drink — both in copious amounts.



You might gasp in horror but reindeer is a staple in Sweden, especially up north in Swedish Lapland. You’ll find reindeer pizza, reindeer steaks, reindeer soup and thin slices of reindeer salami served on bread or with vegetables.


Lingonberries and cloudberries are two renowned fruits in Sweden and many dishes feature them, often as a jam or relish.

Hearty fare

Like many cold climates, meals are a hearty affair in Sweden. A typical lunch is a combination of bread, meat, cheese, spreads, salads and ever-present potatoes.

Strange combinations

The Swedes like a lot of flavours that at first can seem pretty strange if you’re not used to them. Pickled herring, for one, along with liver paste or reindeer cream cheese. Once you try them, however, you’ll likely be surprised at how tasty they can be.



The Swedes love a beer, and there are some great drops from micro breweries alongside the mass market brands.

Stronger stuff

Vodka and snaps is also popular, as is glogg — served warm and sold everywhere in winter.