Swine flu is on the rise as hospitals and GP surgeries admit they are running low on vaccines to treat the virus.

The latest figures on the flu outbreak will be published today but by yesterday evening 39 people had died, in most cases from swine flu. A further 700 people suffering from the flu virus are in critical care.

Throughout the UK, doctors are reporting that vaccine levels are running low while manufacturers say they have run out of the flu vaccine and can make no more. The vaccine takes sic months to manufacture, meaning that it’s too late to make anymore for this season’s flu outbreak.

A GP in Derbyshire told the Telegraph: “I have been talking to colleagues this afternoon and I think the bottom line is this – there’s enough vaccine for pregnant women who need it, and that’s it.”

Other doctors have reported a surge in people asking for the flu jab as fears grow over another epidemic.

The Department of Health has admitted last night that some parts of the country are running out of flu vaccine. It has asked manufacturers how many doses of vaccine are stockpiled in Europe that could be brought to the UK in an emergency.

In Northern Ireland the public are being warned about the spread of swine flu and are being urged to take precautionary measures.

Advice on preventing the spread of flu includes the covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, binning the tissue and washing their hands as soon as they can.

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