If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the travel expo in Sydneythis weekend could be just your ticket.

 What does the word expo actually mean? Heck if we know – we just (pretend to) work there. We’re pretty sure it’s either short for exposition, or the name for a place people can go to expose themselves – great news for our art director.

We found something called a “dictionary” (?) in a nearby bin and it claims exposition is: “a large-scale public exhibition or show, as of art or manufactured products.” Again, that whole exhibit yourself in public thing; our art director really is going to go cock-a-hoop (‘scuse the pun) in there. So, both confusing and alarming. Hmm…

What we do know is The Adventure Travel and Backpackers Expo is an ace place to come to if you like samples of beer, winning prizes, stroking pythons (stop it! – there is usually a guy going round with a python), learning a truck-load of info about travelling in Australia, and further afield, and – only if you’re reeeeaaaallly bored – meeting the ugly mugs who make 
TNT Magazine and TNT Downunder.

Indeed, TNT’s lovingly shambolic stand is the first you’ll see when you enter the hall. Here you can flirt with our cute marketing manager, have a chance to win $6000 worth of travel prizes and ask us all sorts of questions; strange, suggestive or otherwise (we prefer suggestive). When you’re bored of us (we give it approximately 3.4 seconds…) you can amble off to poke around some 200 other stalls from all over the world, as well as from every region in Australia.

We may jest, but it is a seriously good place to come and speak to travel experts. From the Whitsundays and Western Australia to Uluru and Tasmania, here’s where to get ideas, views and information. On top of that, there is possibly more info than you’ll ever need on activities, transport, work opportunities and much more.

Plus there are whole load of travel talks scheduled; covering topics from South America to New Zealand, Canada, and how to get a year extension to an Australian Working Holiday Visa.

When? Friday 9th- Sunday 11th November (12-7pm Fri,10-4pm Sat and Sun). 
Where? In the Darling Harbour Exhibition & Convention Centre (hall three) – the Pyrmont/non-CBD side of Darling Harbour.
The damage? Entry $7 (or bring this page for FREE entry for up to four people).
More info? Visit www.backpackersexpo.com.au/ for info and more free passes.

What’s Your Story?

In the spirit of gaining great travel advice we went out and about this week getting views and tips from other travellers. Got a pen ready? Here’s what they had to say…

Krista Taylor – 23, Canada

What’s your favourite spot in Australia? 
The Red Centre, Uluru and Kings Canyon are amazing – that’s the real Australia.

Any weird experiences on the road? 
Being rushed to the hospital in Coober Pedy. It’s the only thing above ground.

Anything you’re desperate to do before you go? 
I really, really want to dive with the sharks.

Chris Pring – 24, France

Tell us about your travels so far?
Sydney to Cairns took me eight months. Now I’m in a hurry. So much to see, so little time…

And your favourite place?
Noosa for the surf, the Great Barrier Reef for diving and Nimbin for its medicine.

Three words to describe Australia? 
F**king big, mate!

Astrid Rosmo – 26, Norway

What’s the most over-rated thing you’ve done?
A daytrip to Cape Tribulation. People should really spend a few days there.

What’s your favourite spot here?
The Great Ocean Road – lots of beautiful places. We couldn’t believe we had seen and done so much in one day.

Your words of advice for fellow travellers?
Get a flynet for the outback! You’ll go crazy otherwise.

Phil Tanner – 27, England

Where have your travels taken you so far?
I’ve cycled over 23,000km. I started in New Zealand then went anti-clockwise around Australia: Sydney to Sydney, via Broome.

What was your most memorable day here?
Cycling for 200km into a baking hot headwind in the Northern Territory. There was no water, just hot bush that I was tempted to nibble on. I reached a roadhouse delirious, only to be swarmed by irritating, fat, old caravanners who told me they thought of stopping, but didn’t.

What do you think of the locals?
People experiment more with facial hair, here. Especially the women.

“Matu” Kormano – 30, Finland

Tell us about your travels so far? 
In 11 months I’ve seen parts of Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales 
and Queensland.

Your most memorable day in Australia?
The day I hugged a kangaroo. 

What’s the most over-rated thing you’ve done?
Sucking coffee through a Tim Tam biscuit.

Andy Williams – 29, UK

Had any run-ins with the wildlife?
Everything wants to eat me. In Springbrook National Park, I found a huntsman spider in my tent. Then I trod on a red-bellied black snake. Then I was chased by a five-foot monitor lizard, which tried to steal my snags.

Anything you’re desperate to do before you go?
Cycle the Nullarbor Plain. Like exercise, but without hills.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?
Dived with sharks. Have you ever seen bubbles come out of both ends of a wetsuit?

Rachel Jerrard – 24, UK

What has been your most memorable day here? 
Skydiving over Mission Beach.

What’s the most over-rated thing you’ve done?
Travelled the east coast of Australia. It’s all pretty repetitive with the same activities everywhere you go. We’ll definitely do the west coast next time.

Anything you’re desperate to do before you go?
Swim with dolphins and a shark dive.

Jo-Anna Duff – 29, UK

So, what did you do today? 
We packed the camper for our big road trip: Sydney to Perth.

What’s the most over-rated thing you’ve done here?
Staying at Bondi Beach. It’s cool, but I’ve seen so many beaches in Australia that match it. 

If you could go back to one place, where would it be? 
We will definitely come back to Sydney. You’re a bus ride from everything – beaches, bars, city, green open space…

Janine Kimak – 25, Canada

What has been your most memorable day in Australia? 
Visiting Kuranda, near Cairns, walking to the waterfall, having a beer, then seeing the Kuranda Zoo and holding a koala bear.

If you could go back to one place, where would it be?
I would buy a “condo” in the town of 1770/Agnes Water. So quiet and lovely there. It’ll be the next Noosa.

Any advice for travellers new to Australia?
Don’t plan anything too far in advance. Also, try not to pay for more than one night at a hostel until you’ve checked out your room – and your new roommates!

Craig Walsh – 25, UK

Your most memorable day in Australia?
Having a lake to myself on Fraser Island.

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had on the road?
Touring as a roadie with a Kiss tribute band, from Cairns to Airlie Beach.

If you could go back to one place, where would it be?
Agnes Water/1770. Then burn all connections to the outside world, so I can stay forever.