Another passenger on the flight, New Zealander Mark Ansley, told the station TVNZ that he was woken by screaming and saw the man trying to kick open the exit door.
He told TVNZ, “A cable tie was handed to me and I couldn’t get it around his hands because he was fighting too much, so that’s why I decided to stun him or knock him out, which didn’t work.

“But eventually I did stun him enough to stop him struggling. It was very scary, I was really shaken.”

Other passengers on Monday’s Vietnam Airlines flight VN773 from Ho Chi Minh City to Sydney described the man as ‘high’ and ‘delusional’ and said he was shouting that he had been kidnapped and his life was in danger.

A 27-year-old from Sydney was arrested on arrival at Sydney airport and is due to appear in court next month.