T-Mobile’s video spoof of Royal Wedding showing the entrance of the Royal family, dancing to the tune of East 17’s ‘House of Love’ in front of assembled dignitaries, has gone viral. The ad launched two days ago has already been viewed 3.1 million times on You Tube. The ad features lookalikes of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton entering the church hall dancing to the tunes of the song.

The advertisement appears to be closely modelled on the popular ‘JK Wedding Entrance Dance’ – that went viral and attracted around 65 million views. T-Mobile has earlier produced advertisements with dance sequences like ‘Liverpool dance flashmob’ and Karaoke sequences at Trafalgar square.

T-Mobile seems to have jumped the Royal Wedding ad bandwagon with a memorable offering, Will the Royal Wedding, in two week’s time be as spectacular? 


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and here is the ‘ JK Wedding Entrance Dance’ Video: