A selection of anti-Thatcher merch is on sale, including a shirt that has a picture of Mrs Thatcher’s spitting image puppet, with the words “Hey ho the witch is dead.”  Attached to the plastic is a notice telling the owner: “In the event of Thatcher’s death of Thatcher open bag and wear Tee shirt immediately.”

The T-shirts are being sold by Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre, which has been provided the space for the t-shirt stand free by the TUC. A TUC spokesman said the Workers’ Centre was not affiliated with the TUC, however, instead calling it a “recognised” body with looser ties to the organisation.

Vendor Shay Boyle, who has so far sold six of the T-shirts, said £2 from every sale went towards the centre, which has had its funding cut by £40,000.

Outraged Conservative MPs voiced their disapproval of the shirts, and called for Labour leader Ed MIliband to disassociate himself with the TUC. Miliband was snapped standing with someone wearing one of the controversial tshirts (see below) which he later apologised for. saying he had not known what the slogan said. Miliband’s shadow Chancellor Ed Balls is due to address the congress tomorrow.

 Conor Burns, a Tory MP who regularly visits Lady Thatcher at her home in central London, said: “These sickening sentiments speak to something disordered in the human condition. It shows an ugly side to the hard left who cannot move on from their utter defeat at the hands of this remarkable, but now frail, lady”