It’s a fair assumption that you’re in Australia because you love to travel. So what about if you could combine that passion (and the fine weather and lifestyle) with a job? The fact of the matter is there are all types of jobs available in tourism. You just have to think outside the square. From sales people to tour guides, mechanics to receptionists, tourism is the perfect way to travel while you earn some dough.

One such area is working on a boat. Not just any old boat but a dive boat. Steve Brady from Pro Dive Cairns says jobs are regularly available to work as a cook on a liveaboard boat which spend several days at a time out on the Great Barrier Reef. “The job is perfect for someone who is comfortable in a kitchen cooking things like pasta, soups and salads for around about 40 people,” Steve says.

He said the applicant will be taken out on the boat to have a trial with the chef who will help determine whether they cut the ermm… mustard. Cooks on liveaboard boats can expect to earn about $140 a day, with opportunities to dive while out on the water, not to mention spending their shift floating around the waters of the Great Barrier Reef or another beautiful Aussie spot.

If diving is a passion there is always the opportunity to become a dive master which can lead to an instructor’s certificate, a good way to get sponsored. And if you are a dive instructor already or have marine skipper qualifications then there are also opportunities for you too.

But if you’d rather keep your feet dry then there’s plenty of jobs on land. If you’re hostel hopping, some hostels will employ their guests to “work for a bed”. This means that you work but you get to stay at the hostel for free and get some spare cash on the side. Every hostel has a different policy on this so best to ask around.

So hop to it! More travel awaits you.