According to Christina Hosback from, “customers get an average Australian refund of $2,500”. Not bad for a days work! If you have been working in Oz at all between July 1 2008 and June 30 2009, you must by law submit a tax return. The good news is that most travellers overpay tax and are due a refund. Whether you have been working on a farm, in a bar or any other flash job, don’t delay. You need to get your tax returns in before October 31 2009. Visit for advice and to lodge your return online (from 1 July).You can also stop by a newsagent or tax office and pick up a tax pack. To fill in the form, you will need your tax file number and your PAYG payment summaries which you should get from your employer in July. You should also find out if you are an Aussie resident for tax purposes (again, check However, If it all still seems a bit, er, taxing, then say hello to a tax agent. They will do all the hard for you, for a fee, and potentially get you more money back. Agents will know exactly what expenses you might be entitled to claim for. Plus, they will often transfer the cash to an overseas account for you. They can also help you claim back superannuation. Once all your forms are filled in and sent away you can expect to get a refund within two to three weeks. So, tax no longer has to be taxing.