Travellers with teaching qualifications have the chance to earn great money, while making a difference and seeing the country.

There are few jobs that allow travellers to practically walk into a well-paid position, improve their long-term career prospects and feel good about themselves at the same time – so teachers are quite a lucky bunch really.

“Rates of pay vary across each state and sector,” says Select Education’s Louise White. “Generally a casual teacher in Sydney could expect to earn $200-plus per day.”

And the reality of actually landing a job that pays so well shouldn’t be just a pipedream. White says: “There is always a high demand for teachers across Australia, especially casual teachers in Sydney.” But, as anyone who has already worked as a teacher should know, you need to make sure all your paperwork is in order first.

“To have your qualifications accessed by each state you are generally required to submit your CV, qualifications, transcripts, visa/passport, birth certificate and current police clearances,” says White.
Also, be aware that while it’s taken as a given that you will need to hold a full teaching qualification, such as a Bachelor of Education or an equivalent, Australia has no national curriculum, meaning the qualification requirements vary between the states.

If you’ve got the right qualifications and all your paperwork is in order, then by far the most important thing to have is a willingness to be flexible – you will be sent wherever cover is needed, which may mean commuting to the suburbs.

“In Sydney, we place teachers across a wide band of suburbs so teachers should be prepared to travel,” says White. “Along with a flexible attitude, they need to be prepared with resources as work is not always set.”

Donna Louise Macrae, 28, from Scotland

Why teaching?
Wanting to do a job relating to my qualifications while on my one year holiday over here.

How did you get your job?
I contacted the agency and next day I started working.

Compare to home?
The children are similar but I need to get used to the different curriculum.

How long do you plan to teach in Australia?
One year at this stage, but I’m looking at extending my visa to two years. If I can be sponsored I can work here for up to five.

How’s the pay?
I am getting double the pay that I would receive in the UK in a private centre.

Recommend it?
Using an agency is really flexible, you meet loads of new people and the pay is good. Plus the kids are so inspiring, I love that.