One week in Tanzania

Spend a day or three in Dar es Salaam. Although it is not the capital, it is the city to go to. With a population fast growing to almost 3 million people, it offers a mix of African, Arabic and Indian culture and cuisine. Its large port ensures that it remains busy with good restaurants and bustling shops.

A trip along the coast south of “Dar” offers several white sandy beaches.

If you are running out of time, you will have to decide if its going to be the lure of the Serengeti or the Spice Islands that should complete your week.

If it’s the Spice Islands, take the ferry straight from “Dar” to Zanzibar. Zanzibar Town is the first stop for travellers, but make sure to explore the entire archipelago which offers palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs and the one must for any visitor: Stone Town – the heart of Zanzibar.

A trip to the Serengeti National Park can take up a week on its own because of its vastness. You can visit the Serengeti by driving there in your own or hired vehicle, or opt for an organised tour. For the wildebeest migration, time your visit between January and April to be in the south-eastern part of the park. If you visit later, move north. The local rangers will be able to assist you.


More than a week in Tanzania

The adventurous can climb the 5896 metres of Kilimanjaro. There are numerous climbing routes with spectacular views, but remember that only three routes will take you all the way to the summit. Be sure to be fit and do your homework before you leave home. You are not allowed to climb independently, so you will need a guide and it might be advisable to hire at least one porter for the climb.

It takes on average five days to climb Kilimanjaro and get back to your base camp. Now will be the right time to rest in the Serengeti before moving along to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.