The group has teamed up with the Ultimate Travel company to offer expert-led tours ranging from St Ives to Sydney, in the company of some of the finest curators, historians, artists and sommeliers.

Highlights include a trip to Paris and Champagne, feature a private tour of the French capital’s little-known galleries and museums, Bollinger tastings and a private dinner hosted by the Billcart Salmon family.

A Chicago tour will include a queue-jumping look at the Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s retrospective in the company of James Rondeau, curator of the Art Institute of Chicago and a new approach to the Chicago skyline by architectural historian Bill Hinchliff.

The Venice tour will be in the company of renowned watercolour artist Mike Chaplin. It will feature trips to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, exclusive after-hours access to the Basilica San Marco and lunch on the island of Torcello.