This was after he murdered the girl’s parents in their home.

Jason Alexander Downie, from Kilmarnock, Scotland, was jailed today for a minimum of 35 years in Australia for the three murders. 

Downie, who moved to Australia with his mother in 2006, pleaded guilty to stabbing 16-year-old Chantelle Rowe and her parents Andrew and Rose in the South Australian town of Kapunda in November 2010.

He stabbed his victims at least 112 times in their home. Prosecutors said he left the bodies in their “blood soaked” home.

Downie, who was 18 when he committed the murders, initially wanted to confront Chantelle’s boyfriend when he broke into the house, but he was not there.

Supreme Court Justice John Sulan sitting in Adelaide today said Downie had been sexually obsessed with pregnant Chantelle and jealous of his friend who was dating her.

Downie’s lawyer, Mr Greg Mead, said his client was unable to remember everything that had happened but he told the court that he had not planned to kill anyone.

Prosecutors said Chantelle had put up with Downie’s unwanted attitude because he was friends with her boyfriend, whose baby she was carrying.

During his court appearances, Downie had shown little reaction, even when statements were read from the Rowe family’s relatives and friends.

Once he looked at Andrew Rowe’s sister when she confronted him across the courtroom, demanding an answer as to what right he had to “take away three angels”.

The court heard that five days after the murders, a TV crew filmed Downie visiting a memorial for the Rowe family.

Last January Downie wrote a letter apologising for his crimes.