The weather temperature is set to plummet on Monday, bringing potential snow in the North and a hasty end to the recent warm sunny weather.

After what has been the third warmest March on record, poor weather will arrive on Monday, bringing with it the chance of sleet or snow in the North, forecasters said.

Clare Allen, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, said the change will be caused by a cold front sweeping away the high pressure.

She stressed that the picture is still uncertain, but said snow at the beginning of April is not unusual.

“At the moment, the models look like there will be a cold front clearing southwards across the country after the weekend.

“That will carry rain, and the back edge could turn to sleet or snow. There may be wintry shower behind this cold front, but it should be confined to northern hills, including over the Pennines.”

In London, the temperature is expected to see a maximum of 13C and will stay lower during the week.

It will generally be cloudy everywhere, with some sunshine breaking through, and patchy drizzle.

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