Terry Pratchett has offered a £10,000 reward to anyone who can provide information that will lead to a successful prosecution of the Somerset swan killer, responsible for the deaths of 31 swans.

Six birds were found shot dead with an air-rifle back in January with more carcasses found last week.

Yesterday wildlife workers in the Wedmore area found another ten murdered swans and donated £10,500 to help catch the swan killer.

Best-selling fantasy writer Terry Pratchett decided to follow suit and doubled the reward to increase the chances of finding the killer.

Since then, the public has also stepped in to solve the swan murders and the reward is now at £26,000.

Pratchett, 62, said: ‘”Nobody understands why this is happening. I’m at a loss, but I certainly don’t think someone should be walking around shooting swans”.

The Discworld author explained how the gruesome events had affected him when he heard the news of the further deaths.

“I phoned up this morning and said “this is terrible”, I was absolutely incensed. They are protected birds and have been for many years”.

‘”I just don’t understand the mentality. I can’t see them (swans) doing much harm, and why someone would go and shoot them I have no idea”.

Sarah Cowen, animal care manager at wildlife charity Secret World, said: ‘It’s amazing to see that people are so enraged about the killings that they are coming forward and donating very large sums of money.

“It’s always difficult with cases like this to get people to talk. If someone is carrying out this action they are not likely to be a very nice people and others might be afraid of retribution, but this might make someone more willing to come forward.”