Thailand unrest has spread further while a curfew has been imposed after riots in Bangkok spiralled into a bloodbath today, however foreign tourists will be allowed to travel to the airport. In its travel advisory, the Foreign Office today warned Britons against travelling to Bangkok.

Using live ammunition, troops stormed the encampment of anti-government protesters leading to gun battles that spread through the city. Five demonstrators and an Italian journalist were killed and 60 wounded.

After anti-government protest leaders were forced to surrender, protesters shot grenades and set fire to landmark buildings.

A 10-hour curfew has been imposed in Bangkok and 18 other provinces from 8 pm (1300 GMT) with details announced on national television by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

However, foreign tourists and Thai travellers will be allowed to go to Bangkok airports on Wednesday night, using a waiver from the curfew.

Thai Airways International, which is run by the state, advised its passengers to reach airports before the start of the curfew, saying:

“Thai Airways will operate regular scheduled flights and urges passengers travelling tonight and tomorrow morning to arrive at the airport before 8 p.m., and to have all travel documents readily available to present to authorities at the various checkpoints.”

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