Thai food is, quite simply, sensational. From roadside vendors whipping up a stir fry to lavish salads, from super spicy to mild spice. Best of all…it ain’t expensive.

Spice it up

Thailand is famous for its spicy dishes. Curries and stir fries can pack a fiery punch. Hottest of all are the red curries (made from red chillies), while green curries are a bit milder.

Calm it down

It’s not all about blowing off the roof of your mouth. There’s plenty of milder dishes, especially the noodle soups, and coconut, lemongrass inspired curries.

Phat thai

Known in the west as pad thai, this is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. Cheap and simple, it’s a stack of rice noodles stir fried with prawns, bean sprouts, tofu and egg.

Eat your greens

Thai salads are justly popular. They can range from a bit of seasoned, stir-fried meat on a bit of lettuce to a gourmet meal in its own right — and are a million miles away from the bog standard salad you’ll get in a cheapo Italian restaurant.



If you get into strife and need to calm down your tastebuds after a hot curry, water’s no good, down a Singha (pronounced sing) — Thailand’s very good pilsner. Chang is a cheaper option.



Drink it from the taps at your own risk. Buy bottled.