The pig in question is called Nigel, otherwise known as the Seaford Pig. 

Robert Dennis was lifted into the air by Nigel and left with a gruesome 25cm gash on his leg. He was taken into hospital for microsurgery soon after.

After hearing a commotion outside his home, Dennis went to investigate, only to be taken by surprise at the trotters of Nigel.

“I didn’t really feel anything, I just thought he lifted me up,” he told the Herald Sun. “I’m not going to be able to work now. I’m just angry and I don’t need this.”

The 250kg Facebook-famous pig apparently escaped from a nearby industrial block where he has frequent visitors.

While seemingly placid animals, pigs are actually omnivores and have been known to eat anything put in front of them.

Unfortunately for Dennis, this time it was his leg.

It was only a matter of time before the pigs began to take their revenge for mankind’s burst in bacon products. What better time to begin their campaign than on Sunday morning?

Image: Facebook