The Sun has reported 2012 London Olympics organisers are seeking to stage a reunion of The Beatles for the event's opening ceremony.

Sir Paul McCartney ignited the rumours on American television show.

"I met the guy who knows the guy who's going to ask somebody about it soon," the Beatle was quoted as saying by The Sun.

"I hear there's a rumour that I might be involved. I hear they're planning this [Beatles] sort of music."

The paper's other sources are stating that a deal is in place.

"[He] was just being coy about the details. He has been speaking to organisers and has said he'd love to be involved with the games in some way." One 'insider' told the tabloid.

"And they want Ringo on stage as well to make it extra special. There's also the possibility that George Harrison and John Lennon could be represented by their kids. The Beatles are loved all over the world so it's a no-brainer that they should be represented at the Olympics."

The 'kids' in question are Lennon's sons Julian and Sean and Harrison's son Dhani.

In addition to the scale of the ceremony that begins the global sporting event, it is their appearance that what would define the act, as McCartney and Starr have performed together on a number of occassions since the Beatles broke up in 1970.

The team behind the opening ceremony haven't limited their ambitious plans to the Fab Four though.

There are also reports the The Rolling Stones and The Spice Girls could perform.