Parenting website Kidspot has the answer.

It has come up with a new list outlining which baby names are bogan and why.

And what a list it is – we challenge you not to laugh.

Oh, by the way, the “best” bogan name for boys is Anfernee; for girls it’s Caprice.

Here’s a selection of our favourites:


When you take an entirely respectable name like Anthony and deform it so it sounds like you’re missing your front teeth, you gots to be bogan.


This beaut is a top-notch example of the bogan trend that consists in misspelling names to be unique. But this one is a step up given that it’s a twist on the already boganesque name Ashton.


There are so many bogue aspects to this one! It’s an initial-name (BJ) that stands for something lewd (do I have to spell it out for you?) and is then spelt out in full. Oh dear.


What better way to pay tribute to your beloved ute than to name your firstborn after it? If you’re real lucky, he was even conceived in the tray. Now there’s a story for his 21st.


French for “impulsive change of mind”, Caprice recalls a shiny Holden sedan and a clear-stilettoed stripper all at once. Not the classiest associations to be made with your daughter, but each to their own.


Meaning “people of a different language” in Sioux, this somehow comes off as more trailer-park chic than elegantly exotic when it’s carried by a bleached blonde who says “youse”.


It’s heaps popular to name your kid after stuff you’ll never be able to afford, such as Mercedes, Chanel and Dior. You probably won’t ever see rich kids with these names. Just sayin’.

See the full list here.

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