However, despite the rise of the perfectly-polished festivalgoer, not many people shower every day at festivals (if you fancy a two-hour queue for a brief spell under lukewarm water that smells ropy at best, good for you), and there are products out there that can hide your hangover and make you look halfway presentable, even on day three. TNT has been trialling the best of the bunch – here’s our list of festival must-haves for 2014. Make sure you find the space for them – they’re worth sacrificing a beer or two for in your rucksack.

The essentials:

If you’re unconvinced by the idea of cosmetics and you’re loathe to take up valuable packing space, we urge you not to leave without this lot. Skin Doctors Younger Hands cream and Saviour Skin Balm will soothe chapped hands and lips rubbed raw by holding and drinking all those pints, and we recommend that you take a sun cream. It’s worth splashing out on a good one that’ll see you through and won’t rub off – Jan Marini Physical Protectant is a favourite of ours. Don’t forget your Optrex ActiMist and Drops – your eyes are going to need a little bit of help after all those late nights. 

If you want a face wash that won’t sting your sunburned skin, Sweet Cheeks gentle cleanser is just the ticket. We’re also a little bit in love with Simple’s radiance face wipes and radiance creams – and let us not forget their Hydro Mist, which blitzes away hangover cobwebs in a flash. If you’re hanging around smokers (or even smoking yourself – tsk!) Herra’s hair perfume will ensure you always smell charming.

Make up:

You only really need the basics here – a face full of slap won’t work – but we rate Lush’s lipsticks (they stay on for hours) and their liquid eyeliners. Fantasy and Decisive stay on all day (and all night). If you fancy something a little bit flash, Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer and range of recently-revamped eyeshadows rave on through sweaty gym workouts, so we’ve got high hopes for them. Bobbi Brown’s brow kits and lipsticks are essential kit; they’re a must-have as they last the distance. The brow kit even lasted through a swim session for us when we trialled it!

We’re big fans of Eye of Horus at TNT – their mascara is a five-star creation – and their pencil and liquid eyeliners are also top banana (they’re going nowhere anytime soon – even in a sweaty moshpit. Is that what you kids get up to these days?). Dr Lipp Nipple Balm might sound a bit, well, silly – but used on your lips before lipstick or lipliner, it’s wondrous, and a little tube lasts for ages. Me Me Me do a skin illuminator that costs just over a fiver and rivals Benefit’s – bargain – and Glo Minerals’ Luxe Liquid Foundation will cover up a multitude of overindulgences. If you’ve got really dry skin, Vitage Natural Daily Perfector is a good substitute and will save your skin from dehydrating. 

What else?

Please don’t set off without your toothbrush and toothpaste – you will become a social pariah within hours. Dry shampoo used every day will stop your hair looking like a greasy mess, and lip balm and chewing gum should always be stuffed in your pockets. Oh yes, drink plenty of water, use your deodorant liberally, and moisturise. The rest, as they say, is up to you – happy camping!

Image credit: Thinkstock