We’ve been test driving a sample of this newly crowdfunded coat for a week or two now and apart from being too damned hot in sizzling summer temperatures, we love it.

Branded as “the best hoodie for all of life’s adventures” we reckon the Koala Hoodie could become a treasured travel and festival favourite. Or if you’re off to uni, drop the oldies a hint about needing this kinda comfort when you’re missing them so much (ahem!).

Its 15 built-in features include a portable phone charger, a bottle opener zip, a passport pocket and a neck pillow with extra cushioning in the hood.

The Koala people say they’ll even personalize it with your initials on the front.

Unfortunately, customers won’t receive their hoodie until January but they will get a ‘Koala Hoodie Coming Soon’ Christmas card.

London based brothers Ben and James Street are launching the hoodie (charger included) to the world for the starting price of £69.

Ben said: ”Myself and my brother James wanted a travel item we could rely on as we were fed up of uncomfortable journeys, losing our stuff in our bags or pockets, and running out of phone battery all the time. So we created Koala Hoodie. We have had the idea for a few years and we thought now would be the perfect time to launch. We were pleasantly surprised to realise that it can be used in so many more situations as well as travelling!”

To buy the Koala Hoodie, visit the Kickstarter page here:  www.koalahoodie.com/kickstarter

You can also visit the Koala Hoodie website: www.koalahoodie.com.