This article seeks to highlight the best hotels to check out for in Vegas

Trump International Hotel Vegas

Are you allergic to smoking or you just don’t like places where people smoke? Then this hotel is recommended for you. Towering over the Las Vegas strip, Trump luxury resort offers over 1200 furnished hotel rooms and magnificent penthouses. While here, you have the finest views of the strip and it’s adjacent to the finest casinos and best shopping centers in the city. Besides, there’s the spa which is 11,000 square feet and therefore you have a memorable experience. 

OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

It was formerly known as the Hooters casino and is located a few meters from the famous Vegas strip. While here, you have an experience of all that Vegas has to offer. The property has numerous renovated rooms with fun-focused venues like the underground lounge and porch.  With a 30,000 square feet casino, floor, you have over three hundred slots and video poker machines and all types of indoor games that you can ever think of. While in the rooms, you have access to free WIFI, a seating area, a flat-screen and a place where you can entertain your guests. Are you a fan of Caribou coffee, Krispy crème doughnuts or Pizza? Then the Southside eatery presents all these for you and there is still an underground lounge where guests can relax while enjoying their drinks. Most importantly, the hotel is open on a 24hrs basis and therefore convenient for all. 

Alexis Park resort

At the heart of Vegas is the oasis of luxury, the Alexis park resort. It is located a few minutes from the strip. Entertainment in this place is family-friendly and doesn’t cost you much to enjoy life here. The rooms are furnished with all forms of electronics that will make your life comfortable while here. You can enjoy the good of the city, moving from an attraction to another and after the day’s exploration you can cool off with a cold swim at the court’s secluded courtyard. You have poolside cabanas, some lush landscaping and a stylish restaurant and lounge bar where you can enjoy meals from all cultures all day long. The staff working in this place are hired through a competitive process and well trained to give the best services. Immediately you book your space, there is someone assigned to follow you up, help you check-in and walk with you until you check out. You don’t want to miss such an experience.

If you want to enjoy the best hotels in Las Vegas, book your hotel early and prepare in advance for the day. Allow yourself some good budget so that you carry home a few things for your memory. Again, find a reliable travel agent to guide you on all that you need.