Royal wedding souvenirs have been filling shelves quicker than you can say “I do”.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding is proving a bonanza for souvenir makers.

Chinese factories are whirring into production, churning out royal memorabilia for the event.

Royal wedding street parties: get organising

Asda was first off the block with a £5 commemorative mug and lines of souvenir tea towels, plates, spoons, key rings, mobile phone holders, champagne flutes, coffee tables and even condoms have followed.

it’s a mug’s game, but mugs should note that all this tat is being made in such high numbers that they’re hardly worth collecting for their future value.

Royal memorabilia has to stretch back to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s 1947 wedding to hold much worth, experts say. Long may thesse souvenirs collect dust, then, writes Rebecca Kent.


Royal wedding ring

Sapphire engagement ring £33.60. Buy here

iPhone holder
Smartphone Pouch Royal Wedding Edition £19.95. Buy here


Throne up sick bag

Royal Wedding sick bags £3. Buy here


royal wedding condoms

Crown Jewels condoms £5. Buy here


William and Kate dress up

William and Kate Dress-up Dolly Book £5.99. Buy here


royal wedding plate

Thanks for the free day off plate £20. Buy here


Royal wedding plate

YO! Sushi’s kitten bride and groom plate, £2.50. Available at YO! Sushi restaurants