After breaking squillions of squealy teens’ hearts by chopping off his side-swept locks for a shorter, spikier do almost a year ago, the latest news from Hollywood suggests that the teen idol has decided it’s high time he brought back his signature style.

But eagle-eyed Beliebers will have spotted a twist on his return to emo-ville: the longish locks have been swept to the other side.

When asked why he would be so cruel as to chop off his magnificent mane in the first place, Bieber had replied that there was “not really a big reason; I just woke up and said, ‘I don’t want this any more’, so I just cut it.”

Maybe he thought the shorter cut would make him look less like a girl, but no such luck. He just looked like a girl with short hair.

At least the locks that were cruelly cast to the salon floor did some good – he raised thousands for charity by auctioning them on eBay.

Picture: Getty