Since it began in 1981, this American company has gone on to tackle (among other topics) the Bible and the history of their homeland, taking shows across the continents.

Though bursting with energy, the current production has virtually nothing to do with the Bard either – apart from a passing mention to Ophelia flunking her swimming trials.

Set in the fictional studio of the Royal Shakespeare Company Sports Studio it sets out to spoof and summarise the history and diversity of sporting activity from archery to wrestling (with a handful of oddities such as bullet-dodging and Quidditch thrown in for good measure) – an endeavour that involves audience participation, characteristic slapstick, and huge dollops of juvenile humour.

They’re a likeable, frequently funny trio who sing rather pleasingly together and know how to engage with the audience.

But it wouldn’t do any harm to tighten this “Abridgeathon” even further – cutting or curtailing some of the gags (the Scottish golf skit is particularly irksome) and  refreshing American references for the UK run of their revue style show.

Arts Theatre, until 25 August, £22-£35
Great Newport Street, WC2H 7JB
Tube | Leicester Square


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