Until recently, marketers have been having an easy time when predicting and mapping the customer journey. Similarly, it has been easy to identify the time a customer gets into the purchasing cycle and the factors that contribute to that decision.

However, the linear identification is dwindling and the process of mapping out is becoming complex thanks to a highly fragmented digital customer journey.

Fragmented digital customer journey 

It’s true that digital marketing has been around for some time but it’s evident that most marketers aren’t in apposition to identify the specific triggers for sales.

Basically, marketers rely on metrics to identify the patterns and behaviours of the customers. As such, it’s clear that most customers are not using a specific process when making a purchase. 

Instead of using a linear path, customers today are showing a fragmented journey. The way people are communicating online is getting complicated thanks to the use of mobile devices for online activities. As such, it’s not easy to lay out a specific path for your customers to follow when making a purchase.

Capitalise on micro-moments

If you want to ensure that your marketing is effective, it’s imperative that you focus on the key points of engagement. A sound marketing strategy must put specific focus on the micro-moments which are basically the engagement points for customers coming to your business.

Strategies that ensure better results with your marketing efforts

Today, marketers must unleash their creativity in their marketing efforts if they are to maximize their reach. It is quite important to be aware of every factor that motivates customers to make contact at all contact points.

Understanding the customer need and intent is critical when creating a marketing message that gives the customer the answer or solution they seek. It’s only after you clearly understand what the customer needs for you to effectively serve the most appropriate information. Basically, this can be done by studying the trends as well as mapping out the customer journey.

When you are sure of the critical points of engagement and conversion, you can easily create the right content to serve the purpose. The best marketers use a combination of blog posts, videos as well as informative reports that can be downloaded.

The massive use of mobile devices has changed how content is created. Today, marketers are paying special attention to the readability of the content across multiple platforms. It’s important to ensure that your content and brand is identical irrespective of the device on which it’s being viewed.

It could be challenging to measure the performance of your marketing strategy, but you need to constantly engage your audience. This will not only give insight into what the market needs but it will also make you stand out from the crowd.


Despite the advancements in technology, the rules seem to stay constant as the game evolves. Therefore, success in marketing requires you to understand the digital customer journey as well as using content that is mobile friendly.