Forget about moderation – picking extreme holidays means you need to be willing to go that extra mile, or even travel hundreds of them.

Choosing your trip

The range of unusual holiday options is, quite frankly, confusing, so how do you go about choosing? You may already know what your dream is, but, if not, take your interests – and push them to the limit. For instance, swap your usual ski holiday for heli-skiing in the wilds of Alaska. Deep-sea or scuba diving is one idea for adrenalin junkies, while swimming with dolphins, or even sharks, is another option. Quite frankly, the world’s your oyster.

Heli-skiing in Alaska

It’s easy to see why Alaska has become one of the world’s premier destinations for heli-skiing, thanks to its spectacular landscapes and high levels of untracked snow. When booking, you will want to choose an experienced operator, such as Valdez Ski Guides, who have a strong safety focus. They offer either individual week-long packages or premium personalised packages where you can hire a private helicopter, as well as the services of two professional guides. Remember to factor in the costs of hiring or buying specialist equipment and clothing.

White water rafting in Tasmania

The Franklin River is famed for its wilderness setting, making it a top choice for adventure holidays. Its course runs through rainforests and gorges, and the weather can be equally dramatic. You can book a seven or 10-day trip via a UK tour operator, or direct with a specialist Australian company such as Water by Nature (Tasmania), which includes a yacht cruise or seaplane flight in its itineraries.

Chartering a boat in the Caribbean

If you are looking for a sunshine on the sea, there are many Caribbean islands to choose from. You could charter a boat to visit St Lucia with its upmarket resorts, St Martin, or the British Virgin Islands. When choosing your yacht, look at factors such as power and performance, as well as the accommodation. If you are taking a skipper, cook or other crew, remember to allow space for them. There are various yacht firms specialising in this area, including The Moorings, a high-end operator with a wide range of new boats and high levels of service.


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Snorkelling and diving in Africa

With its wealth of wildlife and warm waters, the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa is a top draw for holidaymakers. However, you will need expert advice to pick a spot away from the crowds. Mozambique is one very popular choice, where you can dive over unspoilt coral reefs, while visitors to the Seychelles can look forward to the thrill of a lifetime with the chance to dive alongside whale sharks. Tour operators such as the award-winning Expert Africa can help you to construct your trip timetable. Don’t forget that you will need to have access to enough money to pay for the activities you organise, such as diving courses, and to buy or hire equipment.

Horse riding in Argentina

Have you ever dreamed of riding like a gaucho, or Argentinian cowboy? There are holidays available which will give you the chance to do just that, staying at a working cattle ranch and exploring the country’s wide open landscapes. Luxury travel operator Scott Dunn offers a package combining a ranch stay with visits to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and the Ibera Wetlands, which is a top wildlife destination, but it is also possible to have a personalised itinerary built for you. 

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