The Globe

43-47 Marylebone Road, NW1 5JY
Tube:  Baker Street

The scene: One of a diminishing crop of London’s old pubs, situated on the corner of a hectic intersection. It’s a bit rough, but a good place to watch sport (expect a bit of ribaldry on match days), get cheap grub and mingle with a lively crowd, including office workers, sports teams and tourists.

The interior is spacious and there’s always someone around for some banter on the pavement out front.

The grub: Fish and chips are its specialty, but we opt for nachos and won’t repeat the mistake. They were spare.

Behind the bar: A standard selection of ales and lager.

Bill please:
A pint of lager sets you back £3.90, a plate of nachos £5.15 and fish and chips £8.99.

Verdict: Don’t make a specific trip, but it would be rude not to stop in for a pint if you’re in the area. Expect to be kept waiting at the bar, though.


– Rebecca Kent